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Information about the One and only God that we worship

     If you are part of the major religions of the world, then about 84% of you would believe in some sort of supreme force, be it God/Gods or Tao, any name given to this entity or force would have to be considered semantics of sorts since just about every religion with a belief in a supreme force that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, could all agree that no single name for this type of force could possibly do it justice, and furthermore, such a force that has created "All that is" which is all-powerful, knows everything and is present everywhere, couldn't possibly share this status with any other supreme force, yet humanity has deemed it necessary to break up the world's religions into about 4300 separate beliefs including Atheism, Agnosticism, and secularism to make up the remaining 16%.


     There is a logic to all of this seeming madness and it is so plain, and in your face that it is just a wonder that everyone hasn't seen it yet.  There is only one all-pervading force in the Universe and so far it has done a great job in marketing itself, in over 6500 languages, a hint of its greatness is spread throughout the world, but better than that, this force has dispersed it's law and intentions where all that is required of us is to get together and compare notes to get the full story of Reality.


      What about the 16% you ask, well the secularists practice free will and keep spiritual matters separate from a working society, the Agnostics have the spirit of skepticism driving them to seek better answers to those hard questions, and the Atheists are the control, the reality check of our planet, they are willing to live on their own terms and answer for their own misgivings, the organic version of mankind that believes that their good morals are their own responsibility, they may turn out be the most spiritual of us all by exhibiting some of the best of humanity by living by their instincts, though the Atheists have no belief in God and the such, they also exercise their free will, free from religious guidance, their morality is their indicator of how their lives have progressed whether they believe in an all-powerful force or not.


     We are all born Atheists, our parents and relatives are the greatest influences on our beliefs, our friends, acquaintances, school chums, and fellow workers would be the second greatest influences, then there is media and what we learn through life and the decisions we make for ourselves, which can be considered our free will.



Only One God

Only One


 One God?


How can that be?.... How can't it be?.... But my God makes no mistakes and told me so.

And so God has told all Religions that have a belief, God does not make mistakes, God makes Reality and gives all of us Free Will to mold this Reality to our beliefs.


It is just too bad that that has included so much hate and wars, and why is this so?

Because of our arrogance towards each of our religions we fail to see God's true greatness.


We fail to recognize God's plan to make it known to all of his children of its existence, God is pleased that we recognize greatness, even if it is through some of its Demi-Gods, but would be greatly pleased if we would all realize there is only One-God.


Now there are many people that have a problem with "God" or "Gods", even the Tao, being known as "The Way", some people have issues with when in actuality, there is no description or definition that can do justice for the maker of all that is,


The hermeticists refer to it as "The All" and some channelers have mentioned, "All that Is". I think the biggest rub in all of this is that "God" sounds so personal and accommodating, which attracts certain personalities, whereas the Tao seems less personable and more encompassing,


"The All" or "All that Is" seems to cover all the angles and makes this power more mysterious. I guess it really doesn't matter what term is used for this, as it seems that this all-pervading power has done a good job at letting itself be noticed by all of the religions and non-religions on the planet,


where everyone has their own definition to what this Omnipotent energy with omniscient powers really is, what is of the most important is that it has been noticed, and the existence of something is running this show.


As for the believers of different God, Demi-Gods and the male and Female aspects of God/Gods, they have been segregated for millennia, different aspects of every piece of life imaginable, I could give examples but there are so many as it would not be practical to even mention because they are all one in the same,


mother this, father that, good fortune, bad fortune etc. Are all aspects of the one god as it has been realized, according to the upset of cosmic balance when something bad happens a certain demon is to blame.


Cause and effect are the God-given laws that bring these events about, God is not to blame, it is the poor uses of our Free Will that have brought despair to us and our world.


      So you believe in God...your religion and spiritual practices have led you to believe that this God that you worship is the best, or so your religion says. Does your God love all of its creation?


Has your God-given the people that practice your religion exclusive rights, rights to be better than all of the other religions on the planet?


Your scriptures tell you that you must worship this God and no other, Do you think that these other Religions worship a different God?


What do you think that your God thinks of these other God's? I have not noticed any smiting of any particular religious faiths, I only notice PEOPLE taking the word of God into their own hands and dealing THEIR justice as they see fit,


we have all been given free will and do with it as we please, possibly we should take our free will and love one another to show God that we have learned something from his many religions and scriptures.


     Some people have problems in believing God at all let alone believing that all of the gods that all of the religions worship are the same God, so you may believe only in yourself or you can be a materialist, where you may only believe in what your senses show you,


the spiritual side of your beliefs may be non-existent, actually, I would be surprised if you found this site at all unless there were nagging questions on your mind to bring you here in the first place,


the Bible's God is a jealous God and does not want you to worship any other gods or strange gods before me, I am assuming that in someone's demented mind if they make up something to worship or worship the pagan idols that they did back then,


that would not be considered acceptable, there are many different versions of this commandment, which makes you think what could it really mean.


As for competition among Gods, (just typing this seems so ludicrous) I don't seem to notice any ultimate battles in the heavens, I don't see any battles among Gods on our planet either, I do see battles among people of different beliefs in the names of their God,


apparently they don't think that their God is good enough to fight it's own battles, once everyone realizes that the one true God is the one that has created all of the other Gods, that this One all-powerful entity is the same that has spoken to and guided all of the prophets throughout history from every religion,


this all mighty has diversified it's omnipresence to the point of covering every language and thought that any human can have, the views humanity has about their God is as varied as the people of this planet,


now only if we would just GET IT and start acting like the children of God instead of the ignorant animals we appear to be.


Humanity as civilization has had many chances to prove that they are their God's children, the discoveries of ancient cities at the bottoms of all of the oceans have proven that man has been around a lot longer than science is willing to admit,


all of these civilizations from 10's of thousands of years ago and probably much longer, have had a knowledge of our creator, yet were not willing to get together for long enough to realize that there is only one,


just as all of God's creations including animals, plants and earth and it's resources are also a part of the same creation and should be treated with a decent amount of respect and not harvested for all of our material gains,


of course, first we have to stop fighting among ourselves, and then treat the rest of the earth as we would like to be treated, or we will be the next to end up at the bottom of some future sea.


Now for all of you Atheists out there, any belief in a deity is out of the question, you may worship science or material things, your aspirations are not of a spiritual nature,


the theory of evolution has some merits, but I do not believe it is the whole story, it has been proven that nature has a mathematical precision to it, it isn't a jumble of chaotic happenstances that resulted in humanity,


have you ever thought why the form of a flower is attractive to most humans, why is anything attractive to humans? Plants and animal life follow the math of nature, even minerals grow in geometric shapes and patterns,


has a rose grown beautiful to humans so that it would be propagated to ensure it's future existence? it has already been found that certain colors that cannot be seen by man are used to attract pollinating insects,


is humanity so arrogant that it believes it invented science? When it comes to quantum entanglement, I guess that just came out of the totally random jumble of particles in the universe.


We are still just babies that have not even learned to walk when it comes to the wisdom of science and spirituality.


This one God situation cannot be so difficult if you keep in mind that there is only one creator of all that is, or if you pick a reasonable thing to worship that would act as a symbol for God, just as the cross is used to remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made,


the Sun can be considered a deity of sorts, I am not too afraid of it being considered a graven image since it is not man-made, but it does have the prerequisites, the sun does literally bring life to our planet,


because without it we would surely all die, the giver of light, it's white light can be broken down into all of the colors of the spectrum, seen and unseen and it enables us to see, it's warmth embraces us like a mother,


it creates the 4 seasons for the circle of life to exist. Sun has been worshipped since the beginning, it appears to all civilizations of every solar system, it is like the universal embassy of God where ever it shines, a constant reminder of Gods infinite power.


To personalize God or not to personalize God? Humanity has found great convenience in worshipping different aspects of God even though they may not realize it,


the most personalized version of God has been realized in Jesus Christ, Jesus, the all wise all forgiving son of God that has led Christianity towards the light for over 2000 years, before this was Krishna,


who strived for humanity to realize its roots with God had a more hands-on and less forgiving agenda towards enlightenment, God has been broken down into many different aspects,


some more material than others, the views of God are as diversified as the people that believe them, almost custom tailored for each country and religion with its beliefs and superstitions of their eras,


this fragmenting of God has not always had good effects, especially when it comes up against conflicting aspects of God, people seem to want to take things into their own hands and force their beliefs on others,


God is not vengeful as people would have you believe, but God does have laws which are upheld by karmas "cause and effect" which may appear to be vengeance but in reality is only the cosmic balance.


In the 10 commandments, it was written that "Thou shalt have no gods before me", since this was decreed by God, it should be accepted that there were other God's out there, or should I say that there were believed to be other Gods out there and that they should not be worshipped before the One true God,


in Greek mythology, the planets were worshipped as Gods, and the Hindus had their variety of Gods that were worshipped since everything was created by the one true God and mankind was created in Gods image, spirt must be imbued in all material creation, which would indicate that everything has a soul,


some things have more advanced souls than others, nevertheless, everything has a piece of God in it, the example earlier of the sun being an ambassador of God is not a great stretch if everything has a soul of some sort,


and it would seem to me that planets would contain a more advanced version of a soul than we humans carry, only because of the duration of their existence,


so the sun would have the most advanced soul because it was the first created, keeping in mind that everything has a piece of God in it, it would be wise is we showed the due respect for all things on our planet,


including the earth its self, there should not be any problem with worshiping everything that God has made, as long as it is realized that it is a part of God.


Let us say that an all-pervasive entity that knows all has made all and has unlimited power is not your cup of tea, the Tao has simplified this somewhat to make it less personal but still there, and has added some rules like cause and effect and balance,


the reincarnation and karmic aspects of this is also of a nature that seems to smell of some sort of intelligent process, yet it does not have to be believed and lived by, it isn't a human law to believe anything,


science has become the new God of sorts, it deals with what the senses perceive, and the matter is what drives its motives, yet science lacks any sort of spiritual path to follow, intuition and faith are not in its vocabulary,


logic is its basis of operation, yet it does have a sort of faith going which is known as a theory. I believe that anyone would find it interesting to see how often theories change in science.


Throughout history, as mankind evolved, it has noticed and revered nature and how it seemed to manage the world, the seasons brought a regular change and man learned to recognize when spring approached and the promise of new life,


the sun would reach higher in the sky and the days would become warmer to signal plant and animal life to begin its renewal, this simple respect of nature was what led ancient man into a belief of an order or intelligence to life,


it was logical, regular and could be expected to happen every year, at first all of these life-giving things were given power unto themselves and were worshipped as such, water, fire, earth and air were the life givers,


later it was believed that one great entity wielded this power over all that is, this evolution of religion or beliefs was later distorted and misunderstood, it was made much more complex than it really needed to be,


people of different lands had taken this God as their own personal savior and greedily refused to share it with any others, this entity was for their people only, this thus began the downfall of religion.


Instead of sharing the revelations of their prophets as an additional newly found information about the great entity that has created all that is, they have removed themselves from the mix hoping to corner the market on God,


the dismissal of other beliefs was a great mistake that has been being paid for again and again in the form of war and oppression,


this word of God or teachings of the Tao have been spread throughout the world for us to compare notes and reach a new cooperative understanding of reality until we suppress our false personalities and stop letting our material emotions run our lives and exist in an open-minded society that respects the word and beliefs of others,


we will fail to evolve any further, it isn't really that hard, we really only need to follow the important stuff contained in our various scriptures and pay less attention to the material parts and superstitious parts to get the ball rolling in the right direction.


What we have here is a failure to communicate, a fairly famous line from the movie "Cool-Hand Luke" a spiritually lost individual that lashes out on material humanity, he doesn't understand God and hoped that he would be shown a glimpse of his greatness,


it's also an analogy to how humanity views their God/Gods, our lack of communication and understanding leaves the majority of earth inhabitants in disagreement, even though the major religions practice monotheism,


they still don't get it, one lord, only one God, the one and only God seem to elude their understanding, and to make matters worse the belief in a Trinity even fragments our God even further,


if there has to be a trinity involved in all of this, let it be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, those are impressive enough credentials for any sort of entity, this single God is the same God that we all worship,


it is in the nature of God to be all-inclusive, even if the Tao is to be included in the mix, there shouldn't be any great differences of opinion as any, one name for "ALL THAT IS" cannot be a possibility especially with the excess of 6500 languages that we all live with,


we just need to pay a little more attention.


So you believe in God, believe it or not, that is most of the battle, there is only a small problem confronting you, and that problem is that your God is my God and everyone else's God if this is not believable to you,


you have just discovered the problem, by believing that your God is different in all religions just puts you and everyone else that believes as you at a great disadvantage, religion is just Gods spam to get the word out,


it may be presented in many different wrappers but it is the same in all, Tao included, as the Tao is just a different point of view where the ultimate outcome of this information presented to us leads to the same place,


the most confusing aspect of religion has been the input of false personality to color the scriptures to the shade of the beliefs of the eras, just by taking a few highlights of the major religions, it can easily be realized that there is a definite theme going on here,


the ten commandments, the balance of yin and yang, karma and reincarnation among many other truths scattered among our scriptures point towards our missions, and that mission is perfection, once we are able to exist peacefully with ourselves and each other, then we can evolve.


Whether you believe in one God or many Gods or no God at all, together, humanity has an inconsistency, we or many portions of us have an agenda that is more personal and selfish that we care to admit,

it may be true to an extent that what we do is in the name of "family" and is our best excuse for how we believe and how we live, it isn't necessary for us to accuse others of having wrong beliefs or to think that we are different from "them"


We all come from the same family of humans that inhabit our planet, we may have different customs and beliefs to some extent but all of our rights should have the same power in terms of existence,


if you feel that you are entitled to something more than everyone else, now would be a good time to reflect on how you would presume your God or belief system would feel or react towards an entitled position in the face of humanity and what justification could possibly arise out of this belief,


how much of this entitlement is due to what we want materially and how much is it about our spiritual beliefs?


If there is one thing that religious people are passionate about, that is their God, especially when it is involved in their religion and their scriptures, just look at Isis and how they have taken their Gods apparent intentions and have made them their own,


they have deemed it necessary to destroy everyone that does not believe as they do, personally, I would leave all smiting and vengeance to my gods' discretion and just live my life as I felt that my God wished me to,


even though I was given free will, I would not abuse it by removing anyone else's free will from them, It is not in my power or should I say it is not my right to take from someone what God has given them,


if I feel that they are not living their lives to my satisfaction or to God's satisfaction, I will pray for them and rely on God listening to my prayers and handle things accordingly,


after all, my God is all wise, all knowing and all powerful and knows what is right.


The internet is sort of like the material version of God, it is accessible to most who have computers and proper connections to the web, it is a source of knowledge that mankind has accumulated over the centuries,


even though there are some highly opinionated individuals that post their feelings out there, it includes most everyone that has a connection, it is our interface to God through websites like these and it is also connected to the material aspects of humanity by allowing people to buy and sell their stuff,


from what you may read on the millions of sites, you would think that there are many Gods and that the only God that is true is yours or theirs depending on what you are reading,


yet there is really only one world wide web which encompasses all of our knowledge, it is true that some countries do not allow access to all of the web and limit connections to just their country or to carefully chosen sites that adhere to their agenda,



this situation is too bad as it is very limiting to the intention of the internet, and unfortunately this also the same for religious freedom, they must not believe in free will.

So What Do These Other Gods Do?


If you are someone that believes that their God is different from everyone else's, what do you think that your God does?


Ok, your god has created the universe and all that exists and it has created the earth and all of its inhabitants and if you are a Christian, you have 2.9 billion others like you, but what about the other 4.1 billion people,


they have different religious beliefs, has your God forsaken them? Or has your God led them on different paths? Many of them believe in God also, and many of them believe that their God is the one that created all that is,


and still others have a few Gods that have taken on different duties, and still, there are others that have no specific God at all but a force or self-existent place that naturally covers these duties,


if in fact there is more than one God, would it not be prudent on its behalf to declare its existence and clear up all of this confusion and corner the market on worshipers?


There is really no good point in fragmenting the human race to believe in different Gods or different forms of some omnipotent power other than for a test, and the test is rather simple and straight forward,


If all of the faiths take the best spiritual advise given in their scriptures and filter out the superstition, dogma and material aspirations driven by the seven deadly sins presented by false personality, we as a world civilization would have something worth believing,


as humans on this planet, we all have a degree of intuition that we live by and isn't it a logical assumption that one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient force created all of the religions and guided all of the prophets and wise men to write our scriptures,


but these MEN who have egos have taken this spiritual information and added to it using their FREE WILL to make it sound more interesting or are trying to convince others to follow only their way by threats of horrible things if they are not followed


or have made them overly complicated in an attempt to keep others from understanding what their God has told them or have colored their stories to abide by the customs and rituals of their eras and locations.


Since it is evident that there is only one God, these other Gods that have been fabricated by man and in their scriptures are part of the one God, if it is felt necessary that there is a need for a specific God for specific things,


in Hinduism, it is understood that all of the Gods come under the one God, Brahman, they are different aspects of this one ultimate deity, in Paganism or Hellene, there are separate Gods and in many, there is a head or king God such as Zeus in Greek mythology,


all of these Gods that man created started to lead mankind towards an all-powerful deity in existence to start mankind towards a certain mindset, it was a sort of evolution that has brought the world to a monotheism,


over 72% of the worlds major religions believe that there is only one true God, and Buddism does not believe in a God per se but agrees that there is one power without any name or personality that is running the show,


this is not meant to lessen the importance of individual beliefs as in atheism, and the agnostics are still up in the air about what to believe, but when it comes to God in whatever name you to choose, there can only be one.


Can I Know God?


You can know of God, you have an Idea of what God is trying to tell us, you can see what God has made but knowing God and understanding God is a continual eternal process, we will never really know all there is to know about God,


it is like in science trying to reach absolute zero, science has gotten really close but just can't quite get there, you will know God when you can calculate pi to the last digit, eons into the future we will know God better,


but knowing all there is about God can only happen if you become God, and that job is taken, as for meeting God, that is also something that is beyond human comprehension, you should be satisfied with being a part of God and your contribution to all that is,


as for knowing what God is thinking or what God has in store for the rest of eternity, these will also probably go unanswered, it is probably more important to live as God would like us to live and to try to make God proud of its creation by paying attention to what has been presented in all of the scriptures over thousands of years,



Many Roads, One Destination

Many Religions...One God


     Most of the world has a belief in something, mostly spiritually, all of the world's religions have one major flaw in common with each other and they also have a truth and or wisdom that is the redeeming factor that allows humanity to follow them, these Religions are based on what the specific scriptures say which with they are based, and the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all written by Man.


It is true that some of these men have been prophets, prophets that have had some enlightened guidance that gave them the ability to express such wisdom and profound truths, some of these prophets did not even transcribe their own scriptures, they were actually written down by other men, and this is not to mention the scriptures that have been changed by the specific governments that happened to be in power at the time, which also needed to express their beliefs.


This supreme Entity that has enlightened these Prophets over the ages is one in the same, no matter what name someone wants to call this God is of no real importance, the important part is that this omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient power is one and the same in all religions, it can even be thought of as an all-pervading energy with an intelligence as in the Tao,


this intelligence has seen to the task of informing all of the occupants of the worlds of its existence through the use of Prophets and enlightened individuals, this word that has been spread for millennia and has been from many cultures of many languages of many parts of the world,


all of these cultures seem to have been given a different part of the puzzle as which would help to explain why these beliefs seem to differ so much, but just this is not the only reason why there are such great differences,


of course each country and each Religion seems to want to be the One Truth in all of this, they are discounting the fact that this all-pervading intelligence is perfection that encompasses all that is, all that has been manifested was done so out of the LOVE for all that there is, there are no exclusions, or omissions, which would indicate a mistake,


and that could not possibly be for PERFECTION, what single Religion or Race or culture could be so arrogant as to think that they are the only true children of God? It sure seems to put a limitation on an all-knowing entity, it seems like the ultimate oxymoron,


this all-encompassing force doesn't make mistakes and all of its creations are included in the word that is being spread, this great all-pervading power that has created the universe and all that is in it, has also seen to give all of mankind FREE WILL, this is a great thing, but it has also been one of the factors that have colored our scriptures with unnecessary Maya and dogma that has plagued humanity.


  • Due to the duality of mankind, there is a monkey wrench in the works so to say, that has colored the world's scriptures to add fear, superstition, hate, and evil among other less than wholesome emotions, beliefs and attitudes,


these prophets and enlightened individuals were given the wisdom and truth, but have added their own mortal two cents by exercising their FREE WILL and coloring these true facts with the dogma of their era, to cause people to be fearful if they were not to heed these wise words.


This so-called EVIL and superstition has created Devils and Hells that are not at all necessary, the evil and Devils are products of our own duality, they are a potential part of us if we allow them to exist, they are of the false personality that is not spiritual, but based on material aspirations, the visceral parts of us that depend on the senses for their existence,


if you think on it at all you will realize that all of the good in life is spiritual and all of the bad is based on material, if you take the seven deadly sins and weigh them against the 7 virtues you will see that they can be separated as if they are from different personalities.


If there had to be an analogy for hell, it would have to be how the bad karma that was accumulated in a certain life would have to be paid for or atoned for in another life which could be considered hell.


Until this duality is dealt with, mankind will continue to reincarnate until it is learned that the Free Will we are given is to be used and controlled for good, as long as our Free Will is not used to deny anyone else s Free Will or to do evil, That will be a large step in the right direction,


and when mankind realizes that all of these God-given religions have been given to all of humanity to share with each other as so we may learn and to see this all-knowing power's BIG picture meant for all of us to unite and be enlightened.


If you think that God created only one religion and forgot about the rest of the world, get over yourself, Humility is a virtue.

I think that another problem with religion is that these so-called believers are lacking the true conviction of their faiths, they are not giving this supreme, all-knowing, all-pervading power enough credit, they seem to have limited beliefs in the capabilities of their supreme maker of all that exists and will exist.


Besides creating our earth and everyone on it, our solar system, our galaxy and the uncountable billions of galaxies in our visible universe, this supreme entity or force wants ALL of us to know if it's existence, why else would it create and enlighten all of the individuals from history in various parts of the globe like Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tze, Jesus, Mohammad and every other named and unnamed author of every scripture in existence,


how could it even be considered that IT would miss or discount or deny any individual on the entire planet, especially if they were all created in the image of this most powerful omnipotent force that has ever been or will be?


This arrogance of humanities Religions may prove to be the downfall of our species and even our planet. It seems to be plain common sense, that every belief of every country has been touched by this all-pervading power or force,


if all of us were to make the effort to attempt to combine our spiritual fragments, to try to bridge the language barrier of the world's beliefs and join together and compare notes with a logical amount of discrimination aimed at our various scriptures, we can remove the waste of war and the fear generated by our unfounded Maya and destruction dogma.


This spiritual process seems to incorporate (The wisdom of the crowd Principle) where when the beliefs of many are combined and averaged out, a conglomeration of "truth" as it is is revealed to incorporate a bit of all of the beliefs,


if for simplicities sake we take the top 13 to 15 religions and nonreligions of the world, which is about 95% of humanity, you will find by keeping only the best parts, that is the parts that do not en-sight fear or involve the seven deadly sins or break any of the commandments, while using a realistic amount of discrimination at the same time, a logical result can be achieved, which not only would explain some of the discrepancies of the various scriptures, but also explain a viable procession to reality.

To be perfectly fair to all beliefs and non beliefs, if for instance you were to take a smaller religion, such as Scientology and try to find an original important factor that is not necessarily recognized in another religion, even though the number of believers, kind of vacillate up and down around 25,000 people, there is a valuable process of auditing which has valuable benefits towards revealing the spiritually in people otherwise hidden,


this avenue taken to stimulate the spiritual side of a personality is very valuable in all belief systems, and then there are religions such as Juche which has 19 million people, this may be a bit more difficult as this religion is not considered religious by many, and more economic, and more than that, it is of mostly a specific country (North Korea), be that as it may, there is a base belief that all nations should be treated as equals, which is a truly fair reasoning and many ideas are taken from Confucius, which is considered a wise man throughout many cultures.


So Jainism has a basic respect for all living things and Zoroastrianism has great respect for the earth, almost the first ecological based religion,


Baha'i has started to get the right idea by combining religions, but they have stopped short by not including all religions or beliefs and have denied the complete participation of women in all areas of this belief system and their prophet base should be enlarged to also accept Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, and quite a few others if there is a true intention to bring the world together.


Anon religion that seems to have an interesting approach is the Rosicrucian's, they are close to Buddhism, but they add an air of mysticism and practice to use these Cosmic powers that we have been given for good and with good intentions, they are careful to avoid mentioning God, which allows people of specific churches or faiths to be able to be members.


Unfortunately, with all of our scriptures and Religions, we have out of control emotions to match, people only believe in Free Will if it's their own, you can believe what you want as long as it's what I believe.

If one day, Humanity will accept that everyone has a right to believe as they wish and we will embrace our differences to the extent that not just tolerance will be a common day experience, but we will all learn the Truth of reality, that we are all part of one, that we are all truly our Fathers children and we ALL have eternal life and always have,


when we all start to practice some discrimination in our scriptures and reason of our own accords that every word that we read is not the word of God, and reason for our selves that all of the good is true and all of the bad is a fabrication of man's false personality, done to color our scriptures with fear and superstition, when we are able to filter the dogma from gospel, the Maya from truth, we will truly be on our way to bliss, all we have to do is SEEK and we shall find, ASK and we shall receive.


All of our wonderful scriptures have wonderful stories to explain to us right from wrong, by giving examples of situations that may have happened, it really doesn't matter if these situations that are being explained really happened or not, they are written for us to ponder and reason to activate our moral compass, the violence, death, revenge, and punishments are not intended to be acted out by us, they are examples that we are supposed to use to learn from our mistakes.

Religious Manifestation

May Be WE have Grown past Religion


With the world in such great strife, the so-called Holy wars against whoever doesn't believe the way we do, It may be time to embrace something different, possibly a universal ideal that we can all agree on that will end all of the hate and greed...something like Love?


Or at least we can distill our beliefs by filtering out some if not most of the dogma. We may not be able to grow past religion, but we can certainly become more tolerant of other religions,


we can all still practice our free will as long as we allow others to practice their free will, if we insist on keeping our dogma, we can at least let our perspective deities condemn the infidels or non-believers instead of taking the matters into our own hands.


There are still beliefs that have refused to embrace the dogmas of religion for the most part, they are of Gnostic origin, the hermetic teachings are still believed to be mostly pseudoscientific even though as time and technology progresses, aspects of this belief system are being proven scientifically on a somewhat regular basis,


just as in every religion, these ideas have been transcribed by a man with man's superstition and dogmas of the era's having their input, even to it's a seemingly lesser degree, our discrimination and intuitions will help sift through this valuable information to add our probable beliefs.


     Although it may be an impossibility to dispose of Religion altogether, a better alternative would be to take only the good from all of the religions and use those as a base for a belief system that can be civil at a worldwide scale,


this is already happening, you may notice that when you search on the internet about different aspects of a particular religion, certain keywords are common to more than one religion,


and you are led to something that you did not expect, deep down you know this is not a mistake, God or the Tao has made this natural flow of knowledge specifically in this way as to bring us all together,


just compare how many faiths practice the 7 virtues and then take notice how many practices the 7 deadly sins, you will ultimately notice that people are mostly making decisions in God's name and not the other way.


By now it must start to become obvious that religion needs to cooperate, it shouldn't be considered competition, rather it should be a public education where no religion is excluded.


The secret passages shouldn't need to be decoded, the women and bisexual or transsexual or whatever lifestyle shouldn't be excluded,


the apparent strict rules, shouldn't be so strict, the exclusions of race, creed, sex, social status and heredity should be always included,


the myopic views of the devout should be replaced by the universal ideas of them all, and freedom of choice should surpass all else, only then will religion have any true worth.


     All of this confusion about religion makes it seem that there would be many more Atheists out there than there really are, Positivism, is a scientific take on religion that is seemingly way too material,


positivists will look at all supernatural phenomena in sort of pure scientific way where if something cannot be explained scientifically, it just didn't happen in the first place, any so-called miracles have to be witnessed by scientists and thoroughly tested and retested before any conclusions could possibly be made,


this is all well and fine, but the miracles are a function of faith most of the time and the scientific process cannot be viable in a situation where a person with a possible soul is a part of the experiment,


the scientific process works well when it comes to Material things that can be perceived by the senses but cannot be used on the unperceivable or unmanifested that has no way of accounting for something that can not be proven as of yet.


Instead of this competition among beliefs, tolerance should be developed. If religion is not going to accept any other views or ideas about beliefs other than their own, at least a live and let live attitude must be maintained to keep the peace in the world.


I don't know about you, but I have my own views about reality and don't pay much attention to other views, This should be the worst-case scenario on our planet, instead of the holy wars and terrorism,


we should have discussions instead of arguments about our faiths, if we have any competition, it should be about how loving and compassionate and charitable our religions are.


How can this be so horribly hard to do? Why not show an interest in other religions and compare the similarities between them instead of the differences.


Religion, God's gift to humanity to give us a chance to know our reality of existence, we have been here before, civilization is not new to this planet,


even though through our arrogance we believe that humanity's civilized existence is only a few thousand years old, we have been taught that 10,000 years ago we were nothing more than primitive tribes,


yet these ancient cities that are being found in the bottoms of our oceans must be prior to our ice age, and I suspect that humanity has known of God many times,


being fought over and forgotten and abused and corrupted where God's children have proven to be oblivious to the truth of their existence and have continued a reverence of their material goods and forsaken God and all of God's creation has been abused and harvested and polluted to the extent where it seems to be most prudent to send an asteroid or comet fragment to its creation and start anew.


Now the race is on between Religion and science, this race is only beginning, only the last 300 years or so, humanity has been searching for a replacement for God,


their accumulated theories about how nature works have been compelling, we have dissected nature and have figured how it works, or so we think, religion has always been around,


ever since that first person had a dream or vision directing them to a reason for their existence, and in a rudimentary sense science has been around also, planting a seed and seeing that it grows,


knocking two rocks together to see a spark that burns the skin, but religion is a matter of believing what someone tells you or what you have dreamed or had in a vision,


where science is more material and observational, that mostly can be exhibited by experiment, religion is mostly a matter of faith,


and unfortunately science is working towards "theories" and base these theories on their best guesses and refer to them as facts, I guess that they also have their own type of Faith.


Is humanity just fooling itself? Do we really believe what is in our scriptures or do we just look for any reason to have wars and terror and conflict, the equation of civilized life consists of just one word, Love,


love harbors trust, charity, tolerance, kindness, sympathy and all of the good that life has to offer, why is it so easy for us to go off when it comes to a religious difference of opinion?


If all of the fanatics out there tempered their beliefs with unconditional love, violence would cease and then we all could finally begin to talk about our differences, even the smallest insignificant things like small differences in wording in our scriptures,


the relentless hounding of passages that are this or aren't that seems to be an adequate enough reason for us to argue, but the entire picture is being missed, even spiritually minded prophets that have had divine guidance are still human and still have dual personalities just like everyone else in the world,


the main object of their inspiration has been ignored in many cases in order for slight imperfections to be spotlighted as proof of falsity, we need to pay attention and let Gods light illuminate what is important and stop fighting over what isn't.


There are some people that have no need for religion, they have a good moral compass and have no immediate need for this type of spiritual guidance, they know right from wrong and are not torn between beliefs,


their passion for specific rules of God do not concern them, life is not a mystery, at least the physical aspect of it anyways, they are not necessarily scientifically oriented,


the spiritual aspect is not of great importance to them, eventually, they may have some questions that logic and common sense is not able to answer, then they may investigate other views of reality.


This is the best that humanity could possibly hope for in these times, not being influenced by any of the mainstream religions leaves them free to live their lives in peace,


their high morals cannot be argued with and only admired, only when they may become concerned with death and what happens when their life has finished is when the searching for answers begins,


if all of humanity could be of this mind, it would be such a pleasure to explore these questions together anew.

Beautiful Religious Building

Let there be Light


In the beginning, there was the word and the word was God, and God said, Let there be light, and God saw it was good and was pleased, this metaphorical light was knowledge,


this word was the beginning of the manifestation of All That Is, it was the reasoning for that God is, and that all that was to proceed was from God,


this enlightenment was the Love and wisdom of God, this truth is what was to be realized by all from then on, soon thereafter, the hierarchy, the suns or should I say stars were created as beacons of Gods existence,


these fragments of God proceeded to create planets about them as the subordinates or subjects to Gods kingdom. Our religions these days are preoccupied with fighting and keeping their secrets instead of enlightenment of all others,


they cannot agree on a point of focus when it comes to God, they have fragmented God into so many different concepts that are surrounded by their superstitions that it is extremely hard to follow any one belief system, we all need to sit down together and talk.


You do not need to be religious to see the light, you only need to have some basic common sense to see how the world is evolving and realize what humanity's priorities are to see where the light is and isn't,


free will is the biggest part of this equation, the realization of our actions making our reality is not always seen, fate and destiny are also a part of this equation, keeping someone from expressing their free will tip the balances of fate and destiny,


someone using their free will to rob others of their free will have sealed their own fate and their destiny will follow accordingly, simple logic will dictate this, whether there is a belief in karma or not,


cause and effect is not only a religious principle, but it is a scientific fact, exercising a little wisdom by a live and let live attitude is a basic start to seeing the light and enabling others to do the same.


All religion is supposed to be enlightening, this enlightenment is supposed to be shared with others, we all should be helping each other when it comes to enlightening information, the truth in scriptures is for everyone to know,


different scriptures have different information, no matter how old and archaic some religions may be, they had at least some important information to convey even though it may have been wrapped up in the superstition and dogma of the times,


the religions of now are strict and guarded the views of these religions are narrow and myopic, if the wisdom was gathered from all of the religions, we would have something worth worshiping,


to be content with the same age-old views is and has been stagnant for centuries, lose the superstition and embracing love is the first step in putting the spiritual back into religion.