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     If you are part of the major religions of the world, then about 84% of you would believe in some sort of supreme force, be it God/Gods or Tao, any name given to this entity or force would have to be considered semantics of sorts since just about every religion with a belief in a supreme force that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, could all agree that no single name for this type of force could possibly do it justice, and furthermore, such a force that has created "All that is" which is all powerful, knows everything and is present everywhere, couldn't possibly share this status with any other supreme force, yet humanity has deemed it necessary to break up the world's religions into about 4300 separate beliefs including Atheism, Agnosticism and secularism to make up the remaining 16%.


     There is a logic to all of this seeming madness and it is so plain, and in your face that it is just a wonder that everyone hasn't seen it yet.  There is only one all pervading force in the Universe and so far it has done a great job in marketing itself, in over 6500 languages, a hint of it's greatness is spread throughout the world, but better than that, this force has dispersed it's law and intentions where all that is required of us is to get together and compare notes to get the full story of Reality.


      What about the 16% you ask, well the secularists practice free will and keep spiritual matters separate from a working society, the Agnostics have the spirit of skepticism driving them to seek better answers to those hard questions, and the Atheists are the control, the reality check of our planet, they are willing to live on their own terms and answer for their own misgivings, the organic version of mankind that believes that their good morals are their own responsibility, they may turn out be the most spiritual of us all by exhibiting some of the best of humanity by living by their instincts, though the Atheists have no belief in a God and the such, they also exercise their free will, free from religious guidance, their morality is their indicator of how their lives have progressed whether they believe in an all powerful force or not.


     We are all born Atheists, our parents and relatives are our greatest influences on our beliefs, our friends, acquaintances, school chums and fellow workers would be the second greatest influences, then there is media and what we learn through life and the decisions we make for ourselves, which can be considered our free will.



Only One God

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