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Information about the One and only God that we worship written by Lance Volk, a contributor to Quora

If you are part of the major religions of the world, then about 84% of you would believe in some sort of supreme force, be it God/Gods or Tao,


any name given to this entity or force would have to be considered the semantics of sorts since just about every religion with a belief in a supreme force that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, could all agree that no single name for this type of force could possibly do it justice,


and furthermore, such a force that has created "All that is" which is all-powerful, knows everything and is present everywhere, couldn't possibly share this status with any other supreme force,


yet humanity has deemed it necessary to break up the world's religions into about 4300 separate beliefs including Atheism, Agnosticism, and secularism to make up the remaining 16%.


     There is a logic to all of this seeming madness and it is so plain, and in your face that it is just a wonder that everyone hasn't seen it yet.


There is only one all-pervading force in the Universe and so far it has done a great job in marketing itself, in over 6500 languages,

a hint of its greatness is spread throughout the world, but better than that, this force has dispersed its law and intentions where all that is required of us is to get together and compare notes to get the full story of Reality.


      What about the 16% you ask, well the secularists practice free will and keep spiritual matters separate from a working society,

the Agnostics have the spirit of skepticism driving them to seek better answers to those hard questions,


and the Atheists are the control, the reality check of our planet, they are willing to live on their own terms and answer for their own misgivings,


the organic version of mankind that believes that their good morals are their own responsibility, they may turn out be the most spiritual of us all by exhibiting some of the best of humanity by living by their instincts,


though the Atheists have no belief in God and the such, they also exercise their free will, free from religious guidance, their morality is their indicator of how their lives have progressed whether they believe in an all-powerful force or not.


     We are all born Atheists, our parents and relatives are the greatest influences on our beliefs, our friends, acquaintances, school chums, and fellow workers would be the second greatest influences,

then there is media and what we learn through life and the decisions we make for ourselves, which can be considered our free will.

One God?


How can that be?.... How can't it be?.... But my God makes no mistakes and told me so.

And so God has told all Religions that have a belief, God does not make mistakes, God makes Reality and gives all of us Free Will to mold this Reality to our beliefs.


It is just too bad that that has included so much hate and wars, and why is this so?

Because of our arrogance towards each of our religions we fail to see God's true greatness.


We fail to recognize God's plan to make it known to all of his children of its existence, God is pleased that we recognize greatness, even if it is through some of its Demi-Gods, but would be greatly pleased if we would all realize there is only One-God.


Now there are many people that have a problem with "God" or "Gods", even the Tao, being known as "The Way", some people have issues with when in actuality, there is no description or definition that can do justice for the maker of all that is,


The hermeticists refer to it as "The All" and some channelers have mentioned, "All that Is". I think the biggest rub in all of this is that "God" sounds so personal and accommodating, which attracts certain personalities, whereas the Tao seems less personable and more encompassing,


"The All" or "All that Is" seems to cover all the angles and makes this power more mysterious. I guess it really doesn't matter what term is used for this, as it seems that this all-pervading power has done a good job at letting itself be noticed by all of the religions and non-religions on the planet,


where everyone has their own definition to what this Omnipotent energy with omniscient powers really is, what is of the most important is that it has been noticed, and the existence of something is running this show.


As for the believers of different God, Demi-Gods and the male and female aspects of God/Gods, they have been segregated for millennia, different aspects of every piece of life imaginable, I could give examples but there are so many as it would not be practical to even mention because they are all one in the same,


mother this, father that, good fortune, bad fortune, etc. Are all aspects of the one god as it has been realized, according to the upset of cosmic balance when something bad happens a certain demon is to blame.


Cause and effect are the God-given laws that bring these events about, God is not to blame, it is the poor uses of our Free Will that have brought despair to us and our world.


      So you believe in God...your religion and spiritual practices have led you to believe that this God that you worship is the best, or so your religion says. Does your God love all of its creation?


Has your God-given the people that practice your religion exclusive rights, rights to be better than all of the other religions on the planet?


Your scriptures tell you that you must worship this God and no other, Do you think that these other Religions worship a different God?


What do you think that your God thinks of these other God's? I have not noticed any smiting of any particular religious faiths, I only notice PEOPLE taking the word of God into their own hands and dealing THEIR justice as they see fit,


we have all been given free will and do with it as we please, possibly we should take our free will and love one another to show God that we have learned something from his many religions and scriptures.


     Some people have problems in believing God at all let alone believing that all of the gods that all of the religions worship are the same God, so you may believe only in yourself or you can be a materialist, where you may only believe in what your senses show you,


the spiritual side of your beliefs may be non-existent, actually, I would be surprised if you found this site at all unless there were nagging questions on your mind to bring you here in the first place,


the Bible's God is a jealous God and does not want you to worship any other gods or strange gods before me, I am assuming that in someone's demented mind if they make up something to worship or worship the pagan idols that they did back then,


that would not be considered acceptable, there are many different versions of this commandment, which makes you think what could it really mean.


As for competition among Gods, (just typing this seems so ludicrous) I don't seem to notice any ultimate battles in the heavens, I don't see any battles among Gods on our planet either, I do see battles among people of different beliefs in the names of their God,


apparently they don't think that their God is good enough to fight it's own battles, once everyone realizes that the one true God is the one that has created all of the other Gods, that this One all-powerful entity is the same that has spoken to and guided all of the prophets throughout history from every religion,


this all mighty has diversified it's omnipresence to the point of covering every language and thought that any human can have, the views humanity has about their God is as varied as the people of this planet,


now only if we would just GET IT and start acting like the children of God instead of the ignorant animals we appear to be.


Humanity as civilization has had many chances to prove that they are their God's children, the discoveries of ancient cities at the bottoms of all of the oceans have proven that man has been around a lot longer than science is willing to admit,


all of these civilizations from 10's of thousands of years ago and probably much longer, have had a knowledge of our creator, yet were not willing to get together for long enough to realize that there is only one,


just as all of God's creations including animals, plants and earth and it's resources are also a part of the same creation and should be treated with a decent amount of respect and not harvested for all of our material gains,


of course, first we have to stop fighting among ourselves, and then treat the rest of the earth as we would like to be treated, or we will be the next to end up at the bottom of some future sea.


Now for all of you Atheists out there, any belief in a deity is out of the question, you may worship science or material things, your aspirations are not of a spiritual nature,


the theory of evolution has some merits, but I do not believe it is the whole story, it has been proven that nature has a mathematical precision to it, it isn't a jumble of chaotic happenstances that resulted in humanity,


have you ever thought why the form of a flower is attractive to most humans, why is anything attractive to humans? Plants and animal life follow the math of nature, even minerals grow in geometric shapes and patterns,


has a rose grown beautiful to humans so that it would be propagated to ensure it's future existence? it has already been found that certain colors that cannot be seen by man are used to attract pollinating insects,


is humanity so arrogant that it believes it invented science? When it comes to quantum entanglement, I guess that just came out of the totally random jumble of particles in the universe.


We are still just babies that have not even learned to walk when it comes to the wisdom of science and spirituality.


This one God situation cannot be so difficult if you keep in mind that there is only one creator of all that is, or if you pick a reasonable thing to worship that would act as a symbol for God, just as the cross is used to remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made,


the Sun can be considered a deity of sorts, I am not too afraid of it being considered a graven image since it is not man-made, but it does have the prerequisites, the sun does literally bring life to our planet,


because without it we would surely all die, the giver of light, it's white light can be broken down into all of the colors of the spectrum, seen and unseen and it enables us to see, it's warmth embraces us like a mother,


it creates the 4 seasons for the circle of life to exist. Sun has been worshipped since the beginning, it appears to all civilizations of every solar system, it is like the universal embassy of God where ever it shines, a constant reminder of Gods infinite power.


To personalize God or not to personalize God? Humanity has found great convenience in worshipping different aspects of God even though they may not realize it,


the most personalized version of God has been realized in Jesus Christ, Jesus, the all-wise all-forgiving son of God that has led Christianity towards the light for over 2000 years, before this was Krishna,


who strived for humanity to realize its roots with God had a more hands-on and less forgiving agenda towards enlightenment, God has been broken down into many different aspects,


some more material than others, the views of God are as diversified as the people that believe them, almost custom-tailored for each country and religion with its beliefs and superstitions of their eras,


this fragmenting of God has not always had good effects, especially when it comes up against conflicting aspects of God, people seem to want to take things into their own hands and force their beliefs on others,


God is not vengeful as people would have you believe, but God does have laws which are upheld by karmas "cause and effect" which may appear to be vengeance but in reality is only the cosmic balance.


In the 10 commandments, it was written that "Thou shalt have no gods before me", since this was decreed by God, it should be accepted that there were other God's out there, or should I say that there were believed to be other Gods out there and that they should not be worshipped before the One true God,


in Greek mythology, the planets were worshipped as gods, and the Hindus had their variety of gods that were worshipped since everything was created by the one true God and mankind was created in Gods image, spirt must be imbued in all material creation, which would indicate that everything has a soul,


some things have more advanced souls than others, nevertheless, everything has a piece of God in it, the example earlier of the sun being an ambassador of God is not a great stretch if everything has a soul of some sort,


and it would seem to me that planets would contain a more advanced version of a soul than we humans carry, only because of the duration of their existence,


so the sun would have the most advanced soul because it was the first created, keeping in mind that everything has a piece of God in it, it would be wise is we showed the due respect for all things on our planet,


including the earth it's self, there should not be any problem with worshiping everything that God has made, as long as it is realized that it is a part of God.


Let us say that an all-pervasive entity that knows all have made all and has unlimited power is not your cup of tea, the Tao has simplified this somewhat to make it less personal but still there, and has added some rules like cause and effect and balance,


the reincarnation and karmic aspects of this is also of a nature that seems to smell of some sort of intelligent process, yet it does not have to be believed and lived by, it isn't a human law to believe anything,


science has become the new God of sorts, it deals with what the senses perceive, and the matter is what drives its motives, yet science lacks any sort of spiritual path to follow, intuition and faith are not in its vocabulary,


logic is its basis of operation, yet it does have a sort of faith going which is known as a theory. I believe that anyone would find it interesting to see how often theories change in science.


Throughout history, as mankind evolved, it has noticed and revered nature and how it seemed to manage the world, the seasons brought a regular change and man learned to recognize when spring approached and the promise of new life,


the sun would reach higher in the sky and the days would become warmer to signal plant and animal life to begin its renewal, this simple respect of nature was what led ancient man into a belief of an order or intelligence to life,


it was logical, regular and could be expected to happen every year, at first all of these life-giving things were given power unto themselves and were worshipped as such, water, fire, earth and air were the life-givers,


later it was believed that one great entity wielded this power over all that is, this evolution of religion or beliefs was later distorted and misunderstood, it was made much more complex than it really needed to be,


people of different lands had taken this God as their own personal savior and greedily refused to share it with any others, this entity was for their people only, this thus began the downfall of religion.


Instead of sharing the revelations of their prophets as an additional newly found information about the great entity that has created all that is, they have removed themselves from the mix hoping to corner the market on God,


the dismissal of other beliefs was a great mistake that has been being paid for again and again in the form of war and oppression,


this word of God or teachings of the Tao have been spread throughout the world for us to compare notes and reach a new cooperative understanding of reality until we suppress our false personalities and stop letting our material emotions run our lives and exist in an open-minded society that respects the word and beliefs of others,


we will fail to evolve any further, it isn't really that hard, we really only need to follow the important stuff contained in our various scriptures and pay less attention to the material parts and superstitious parts to get the ball rolling in the right direction.


What we have here is a failure to communicate, a fairly famous line from the movie "Cool-Hand Luke" a spiritually lost individual that lashes out on material humanity, he doesn't understand God and hoped that he would be shown a glimpse of his greatness,


it's also an analogy to how humanity views their God/Gods, our lack of communication and understanding leaves the majority of earth inhabitants in disagreement, even though the major religions practice monotheism,


they still don't get it, one lord, only one God, the one and only God seem to elude their understanding, and to make matters worse the belief in a Trinity even fragments our God even further,


if there has to be a trinity involved in all of this, let it be omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, those are impressive enough credentials for any sort of entity, this single God is the same God that we all worship,


it is in the nature of God to be all-inclusive, even if the Tao is to be included in the mix, there shouldn't be any great differences of opinion as any, one name for "ALL THAT IS" cannot be a possibility especially with the excess of 6500 languages that we all live with,


we just need to pay a little more attention.


So you believe in God, believe it or not, that is most of the battle, there is only a small problem confronting you, and that problem is that your God is my God and everyone else's God if this is not believable to you,


you have just discovered the problem, by believing that your God is different in all religions just puts you and everyone else that believes as you at a great disadvantage, religion is just Gods spam to get the word out,


it may be presented in many different wrappers but it is the same in all, Tao included, as the Tao is just a different point of view where the ultimate outcome of this information presented to us leads to the same place,


the most confusing aspect of religion has been the input of false personality to color the scriptures to the shade of the beliefs of the eras, just by taking a few highlights of the major religions, it can easily be realized that there is a definite theme going on here,


the ten commandments, the balance of yin and yang, karma and reincarnation among many other truths scattered among our scriptures point towards our missions, and that mission is perfection, once we are able to exist peacefully with ourselves and each other, then we can evolve.


Whether you believe in one God or many Gods or no God at all, together, humanity has an inconsistency, we or many portions of us have an agenda that is more personal and selfish that we care to admit,

it may be true to an extent that what we do is in the name of "family" and is our best excuse for how we believe and how we live, it isn't necessary for us to accuse others of having wrong beliefs or to think that we are different from "them"


We all come from the same family of humans that inhabit our planet, we may have different customs and beliefs to some extent but all of our rights should have the same power in terms of existence,


if you feel that you are entitled to something more than everyone else, now would be a good time to reflect on how you would presume your God or belief system would feel or react towards an entitled position in the face of humanity and what justification could possibly arise out of this belief,


how much of this entitlement is due to what we want materially and how much is it about our spiritual beliefs?


If there is one thing that religious people are passionate about, that is their God, especially when it is involved in their religion and their scriptures, just look at Isis and how they have taken their Gods apparent intentions and have made them their own,


they have deemed it necessary to destroy everyone that does not believe as they do, personally, I would leave all smiting and vengeance to my gods' discretion and just live my life as I felt that my God wished me to,


even though I was given free will, I would not abuse it by removing anyone else's free will from them, It is not in my power or should I say it is not my right to take from someone what God has given them,


if I feel that they are not living their lives to my satisfaction or to God's satisfaction, I will pray for them and rely on God listening to my prayers and handle things accordingly,


after all, my God is all-wise, all-knowing and all-powerful and knows what is right.


The internet is sort of like the material version of God, it is accessible to most who have computers and proper connections to the web, it is a source of knowledge that mankind has accumulated over the centuries,


even though there are some highly opinionated individuals that post their feelings out there, it includes most everyone that has a connection, it is our interface to God through websites like these and it is also connected to the material aspects of humanity by allowing people to buy and sell their stuff,


from what you may read on the millions of sites, you would think that there are many Gods and that the only God that is true is yours or theirs depending on what you are reading,


yet there is really only one worldwide web which encompasses all of our knowledge, it is true that some countries do not allow access to all of the web and limit connections to just their country or to carefully chosen sites that adhere to their agenda,



this situation is too bad as it is very limiting to the intention of the internet, and unfortunately this also the same for religious freedom, they must not believe in free will.

So What Do These Other Gods Do?


If you are someone that believes that their God is different from everyone else's, what do you think that your God does?


Ok, your God has created the universe and all that exists and it has created the earth and all of its inhabitants and if you are a Christian, you have 2.9 billion others like you, but what about the other 4.1 billion people,


they have different religious beliefs, has your God forsaken them? Or has your God led them on different paths? Many of them believe in God also, and many of them believe that their God is the one that created all that is,


and still others have a few Gods that have taken on different duties, and still, there are others that have no specific God at all but a force or self-existent place that naturally covers these duties,


if in fact there is more than one God, would it not be prudent on its behalf to declare its existence and clear up all of this confusion and corner the market on worshipers?


There is really no good point in fragmenting the human race to believe in different Gods or different forms of some omnipotent power other than for a test, and the test is rather simple and straight forward,


If all of the faiths take the best spiritual advise given in their scriptures and filter out the superstition, dogma and material aspirations driven by the seven deadly sins presented by false personality, we as a world civilization would have something worth believing,


as humans on this planet, we all have a degree of intuition that we live by and isn't it a logical assumption that one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient force created all of the religions and guided all of the prophets and wise men to write our scriptures,


but these MEN who have egos have taken this spiritual information and added to it using their FREE WILL to make it sound more interesting or are trying to convince others to follow only their way by threats of horrible things if they are not followed


or have made them overly complicated in an attempt to keep others from understanding what their God has told them or have colored their stories to abide by the customs and rituals of their eras and locations.


Since it is evident that there is only one God, these other Gods that have been fabricated by man and in their scriptures are part of the one God, if it is felt necessary that there is a need for a specific God for specific things,


in Hinduism, it is understood that all of the Gods come under the one God, Brahman, they are different aspects of this one ultimate deity, in Paganism or Hellene, there are separate Gods and in many, there is a head or king God such as Zeus in Greek mythology,


all of these Gods that man created started to lead mankind towards an all-powerful deity in existence to start mankind towards a certain mindset, it was a sort of evolution that has brought the world to a monotheism,


over 72% of the worlds major religions believe that there is only one true God, and Buddism does not believe in a God per se but agrees that there is one power without any name or personality that is running the show,


this is not meant to lessen the importance of individual beliefs as in atheism, and the agnostics are still up in the air about what to believe, but when it comes to God in whatever name you to choose, there can only be one.

Can I Know God?


You can know of God, you have an idea of what God is trying to tell us, you can see what God has made but knowing God and understanding God is a continual eternal process, we will never really know all there is to know about God,


it is like in science trying to reach absolute zero, science has gotten really close but just can't quite get there, you will know God when you can calculate pi to the last digit, eons into the future we will know God better,


but knowing all there is about God can only happen if you become God, and that job is taken, as for meeting God, that is also something that is beyond human comprehension, you should be satisfied with being a part of God and your contribution to all that is,


as for knowing what God is thinking or what God has in store for the rest of eternity, these will also probably go unanswered, it is probably more important to live as God would like us to live and to try to make God proud of its creation by paying attention to what has been presented in all of the scriptures over thousands of years,

Fairness in Religion


In order for there to be a complete understanding of religion, we must understand why there is religion at all, if at this point we are agreed that there are one God and this one God wishes us to understand that there is some intelligence out there that has created all that there is including all of us,


this intelligence has contacted individuals from all over the world with its wisdom, these individuals have relayed this information to others from their land, this wisdom comes in the forms of enlightenment, miracles and other attention-grabbing methods so that their messages will be remembered.


This intelligence has also seen fit to give its creation free will, the reason for this free will is for us to make a choice by using the understanding that we have, our free will is our interface which connects the two halves of our dualistic nature and gives us choices,


our spiritual selves and our materialistic selves are always at odds with each other, our materialistic nature depends on our senses for its input, it relies on emotion to convey its needs and our spiritual nature uses our intuition when given a chance,


our free will determines how much of these two natures are allowed to be presently active, Religion is an attempt to bring truth into the open, it is a guidance instruction that has been presented to humanity by the product of our dual personalities,


in the large picture of what has been presented to us for thousands of years, this information has been extensive and diverse, these prophets or enlightened individuals have been given certain wisdom to convey to all of us,


but they too are people just like everyone else, they also have a dualistic nature that comes with their free will so that there is input from both the spiritual and the materialistic halves of their nature,


it is up to every individual to discern by intuition what is gospel and what is gossip, there is a simple way to determine where the wisdom starts and superstition comes in, and that is love, existence was created out of love not out of fear,


man loves to complicate our existence by throwing confusion into the mix, that is a materialistic endeavor that only adds chaos, heightened emotions fueling materialistic beliefs compounds false personalities strength,


the sooner that we all realize this phenomenon the sooner that we will make the best use of All of our Religions.

Why does God Test us?


Sometimes it just seems that no matter what you do or what you say or how you act, the challenges continue, you just cannot figure why this is happening to you, it may be the reckoning of some distant past karma that was acquired or it could simply be a thought process modification for your betterment,


the reasons nevertheless are not always obvious, complaining about situations are commonplace but do not have to be, there may be apparently responsible parties to blame for your woes and there may be actions that you can take to change the situations,


but until the root cause is discovered you will find these types of dilemmas repeating themselves over and over, attitude is a major factor in all of this, the ability to handle these types of situations without dragging others down is an art,


"do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a good starting point of an attitude adjustment, this is not to be taken as a vengeful statement, but it is intended to put yourself in the supposed offender's place and situation,


it is sometimes quite obvious that you would have done something differently as the offender did, but they are not you, and you may have an arrogant attitude that needs some stifling,


by taking a view from a standpoint of humility gives you a better perspective of other peoples thought and action process and removing undue emotion from the mix also calms you and gives the situations a better vantage point of being able to be resolved,


of course, if they are situations that have no one to blame, your composure is more than likely being tested and you should just roll with the punches.


Now to view this in a much broader aspect, humanity as a whole truly is being tested, the thousands of religious beliefs come from somewhere, some of these do come from false personality or at least some of the statements and scriptures are of a less than a spiritual source,


some of the stories are meant to teach general lessons and are not intended to be taken as the literal word of God to be followed to the letter,


to differentiate between stories being an actual way of life or to just extract the wisdom from them is a true test in itself, this is why there are so many religious beliefs,


because the sheer amount of information being presented would be staggering if it was all included in just one religion,


but with the realization of man's duality and a discriminative view towards all scriptures and proving that all mankind has the ability to get along with each other by analyzing our scriptures and ignoring the fear and superstition and embracing the wisdom,


we can discuss the differences of our religions in a civilized manner and possibly take the best and most logical results of all of these belief systems and have something really worth devoting our lives to, and pass this test together,


possibly to find out why does God test us is best done from our hearts out of love instead of overthinking it and letting emotions run away with our common sense,


then possibly we can all prove we are worthy as a race.

What Beliefs do Islam Have?


Islam has a belief in one and only one God, the scriptures, for the most part, support Christian beliefs except there is a problem with splitting God up into a trinity,


which as far as I can tell is not a real game-changer when it comes to being a believer or not and the belief that Jesus is just a prophet with some game, is not a huge difference that can't be reckoned with,


the aversion that Jesus is thought to be the son of God cannot be so bad as we are ALL children of God, we have all been created in Gods image, just as our parents created us, God has created all that is and that would make God the father of all of us,


possibly it was just a miscommunication, the trinity thing is confusing enough as it is, so you can only worship the Big Guy and leave the others out of the picture if it suits you,


and there is nothing wrong with Jesus just being a prophet, his big final mission was to prove that we can all come back and are not a "one life being" but are immortal and eternal as he is,


Islam also stresses that charity is an important part of life, and giving to the needy is essential to pleasing God. What beliefs does Islam have are basically the same as many other religions,


they stress certain things more than other religions, but that is just their part of the puzzle that they have added to civilization.


Just like any other religion, Islam tends to stick strictly to all of their scriptures, there is no room for criticism and in many cases all words from the prophets are taken as gospel and have no room for personal interpretation,


there are indeed some sects as in any religion that has taken portions of scriptures and have distorted meanings or have taken words and ideas from other authors that are not of the mainstream beliefs and have used them to fuel inflamed emotions that have led to violence,


it should always be recognized that a particular belief in anything that brings about any of the negative emotions found in humanity should have a re-evaluation as to why would an oft merciful ever forgiving God ever want any of its children warring among themselves over their creator for any reason,


fortunately, most every religion including Islam are peaceful organizations that harbor love at its core, the few radical offshoots may get some press that would bring their actions to everyone's attention,


but that does not mean it is any particular religious point of view, it is just more in your face because of the shock of what may have transpired, and is much more noticed by humanity because of the terroristic qualities that are condemned by the majority of the earth population,


as has been proposed, all religions have some worthwhile ideas about how lives should be led and their beliefs should be respected especially if they are of peaceful origins.

What is God


This must be the most valid question of all time, with all of the religions and beliefs in our world, the question "What is God" has to be the one that has had as many opinions as people asking it,


if you wish to know what has created all that is and knows everything known and unknown, is it a power or entity? Or is it pure intelligence?


Some say that it is in everything that we perceive and we are all a part of it, well known as the first and the last, the beginning and the end, "God" for lack of a better word is the short term for the infinite cosmic intelligence that has created all that we perceive,


it could be nothing as mundane as anything described or shown on TV because it is a part of everything and this "God" is very subtle but has made its presence known all over the planet by enlightening some prophets that have created some scriptures to allow all of its children to get a glimpse of some of its handy work,


it takes all positions of power as in the Tao but takes no credit, it allows us to live by our rules as in Buddhism and just sees what comes of it,


it is known as God in many religions, yet it is rarely understood that it is one and all in the same, it has also been said that we have all been created in this ultimate entities image or possibly we all have a fragment of this intelligence is hidden within us observing how we decide to live our lives with each other,


if we all accept that we all have a fragment of God within us, then we can understand that we are all connected,


and not just humanity but all of creation including every tree and animal and grain of sand,


this puts a whole new light upon how we treat our planet and each other including all of its inhabitants.

Nature of God


If you are trying to determine the nature of God, it can only be attempted from a spiritual point of view, if you intend to dissect the subject scientifically there shall be a multitude of roadblocks that will stifle any progress you might think that you are making,


the nature of God cannot be explained scientifically to anyone's satisfaction as it far surpasses anything that we may think that we know, imagine that you are a part of everything that exists, then you will be closer to what the nature of God is,


during one of your meditations imagine that you are part of a stream or creek and you will experience what it experiences as it flows on its way, or try merging yourself with the wind, being a part of the molecules and atoms of air and water vapor as it blows across the land and ocean experiencing what it experiences,


visualizing such an experience must be of an abstract nature and cannot be felt scientifically, it is your spirit that feels these sort of things and cannot in most cases be put into words, the state of "oneness" is the ultimate goal in realizing the nature of God,


God is within all of its creations as you perceive it or cannot perceive it, keeping your mind open and free to appreciate the awe and wonder of the splendor that is all around you,


if you live in a big city you may have to travel a bit to experience the nature of God, just examining a tree or bush in great detail will give you a glimpse of the nature of God,


even the observation of one of your brothers or sisters giving of themselves in a charitable experience is also in the nature of God, your free will and how it is used will determine how close you can be with the nature of God.

Can God Hear Me?


God hears all, knows all and sees all, God hears everyone and everything, there is absolutely nothing that is insignificant in Gods eyes, so when you deliberately speak to God by asking for guidance or giving thanks or stating your concerns you can rest assured that God hears you,


and if this is done from the position of true belief and on a regular basis results will happen, now if you are one that thinks that life owes you and only ask for stuff for you, and have a materialistic state of mind there may be some lessons to be learned in the process of your asking,


God will give you what you need, and this isn't always what you want, God will always watch out for your best interests even if you don't really know what your best interests are, our one God cannot help but hear us since God is a part of all of us, or shall I say that we are all a part of God,


you may have beliefs in different entities and pray to them and ask them for things, but it still comes down to those entities or deities being a lesser part of the whole or the one,


realizing that the one God is everyone's God and you and everyone is heard if you are not religious or spiritual and thought that you would give a try at praying, be sure to ask for something worthwhile and not a bunch of stuff, things do not matter to God,


it is us that matters and if we are willing to sacrifice some of our "stuff" and our outdated beliefs we will have a better chance of God acknowledging us and maybe start showing us the path best taken,


as it is, a large percentage of people worship material life, their cell phones are their crucifix, their cars are the idols they worship, when these items should be considered tools and only a convenience in life,


they have been placed on a pedestal and are blinding humanity to what is truly important, God hears us, we just aren't asking the right questions.

Will God Give up on Me?


God will never give up on anybody, God has given all of us Free Will and how we use this gift, will depend on how much "Face Time we will receive with God and his creation,


there may be some tough lessons to be learned as we realize what really is important and what is an indulgence, we all have missions to collect knowledge from just about every aspect of life to add to Gods existence,


in the course of attaining this knowledge we make good and bad decisions that have lessons to be learned from the result of their execution, if we give up on ourselves or think that we are privileged and are owed something, there will be lessons to teach us otherwise,


God will never give up on us as long as we are willing to meet halfway, the "tough love" may seem unfair but in reality, there are many paths to be taken and with a little logic you can take less of the harder ones,


you may think that you are stuck in a rut and your life is stagnating, don't worry as this position will not last for long, this is because our souls do not like non-change and will cause something different to happen in our lives to get the show on the road,


now these changes will or can be a major turning point in our lives and should be paid attention to so as to not do something stupid or karmic accumulating, our free will should be used wisely,


depending more on our intuition instead of someone else's opinion is a good start, it is not always easy to know what is expected of us as our individual karmic needs differ from one another,


a safe bet is to not create any large karmic imbalances and live our lives with the passion that we require to be happy, and do not fall prey to our emotions and physical senses and try to give most of our strength to our spiritual selves.

Is God a Person


The personification of God is a popular idea, many people believe that Jesus was God personified even though it was never written as such in the Bible,


many people strive to know the personal God as if God was a physical entity, I cannot say either way if God is or is not a person,


we all have a fragment of God in each of us, and there is no telling if at any particular moment God may inhabit the personality of any person more than another,


sometimes I am amazed at the wisdom of people I meet and wonder what special thing that they have going for them,


we all have the connection and I suppose that some may exhibit something for sometime that can make them much more than their usual self,


there have been claims that some will declare that they are God but they usually have very little to back this up let alone the wisdom required,


as we all make up the personality of God, there is nobody that can define who or what God may be that can be adequate in any sort of way that is sufficient for all to believe,


there is a universal consciousnesses out there that has created all that is, and believing that this entity is willing to present itself as a human being is not beyond all reason,


Krishna is another avatar that has performed this feat, when this sort of thing happens, it is meant to bring us closer to God by showing others that we are indeed a part of it's image,


there have been a few movies that have presented God as a person and there have been some divinely inspired stories that have done the same, humanity has a romance for this train of thought and it attracts its share of followers,


who can tell if at any given moment some person may have the entirety of existence in their own self, such an experience would change that person even if it was for just a few moments,


possibly this is how some people reach their idea of enlightenment and it may happen daily to a countless number of people, our world as it stands now is in dire need of such happenings,


just being God for a day can make your mundane problems of life appear to be meaningless and truly give you a glimpse of what matters and how to view reality.


This is something that should happen to every individual on our planet or at least to a few that can explain what it means to the others that haven't had the pleasure.

Will God Forgive Me?


Okay, so you have done some questionable things in your life and you are in fear of being judged for your actions, this may be true, but it is essentially you that will be doing the judging, you must be the one that forgives yourself before you can expect anything else to forgive,


God is often merciful and is not known for holding grudges, that is what karma is for, God has given all of us the tools to make good of our lives or make messes of them, you are essentially given unlimited chances to learn from your mistakes,


life after life that is lived allows the soul to learn from its mistakes, the thought of an eternity of torment in an endless hell is something that was used to scare those into walking the straight and narrow,


in actuality, it is impractical and allows no opportunity to learn for an immortal soul, God has created "all that is" out of love, and this is unconditional love, meaning that if you make a mistake, you are allowed to learn from that mistake in order to learn and then eventually evolve,


you are the one that has screwed up and you can make it better, you are still alive and have the chance to resolve or at least reveal what it is that you have done, you may have lied, stolen, deceived, murdered, cheated, abused or anything that you are aware of being not so good,


more than likely, you have attained karma from these actions and will have to learn a lesson eventually in order realize why these particular actions were not so good, if this is not done in this life while you are still alive,


it will come back to you in some future life and you will initially be clueless as to the reasons, of course your soul will be fully aware of why these things are happening and probably has arranged most of them to begin with,


forgiveness is always there to be had, as well as lessons to be learned in the process, there is no free ride, cause and effect are things for the soul to learn, there is no grudge or revenge, there is only the balancing out of karma that has been attained,


this can be lessened by coming clean and making good on your actions as best as you can before you die, God knows that you are not perfect and will allow you to learn these facts on your own in as many lives as it takes.

How many Gods are there?


Over the millennia, man has acquired many Gods in the name of many Religions, in Hinduism for example (because they have a great amount of Gods) believes that there is a hierarchy or a assignment of power among the Gods,


they have been given assignments such as war and love and prosperity among every little imaginable chore that would be required by some omnipotent entity,


it is understood that all of these things are overseen by Brahma or the one true God, all of these lesser Gods are nothing but different aspects of the One-God,


what ever may be interesting to you at any particular moment will focus upon the particular God that has been assigned to this particular chore,


a favorite God that concerns our physical selves is Lakshmi, the God of prosperity, we all are concerned with how fortunate we all may happen to be, so our focus is set upon the one that specializes in this,


how wars are handled and how love comes about along with rain, wind, fire, death and the seasons are just a sample of the Gods that there are,


in the Upanishads, it is explained that the power of all of these Gods means nothing without the realization of the one true God,


the Romans also had their Gods but did not take notice of a one all over seeing God that is above them,


just as the Egyptians had all of their Gods and the powers assigned to them, when you have the realization that there is only one true God or a universal consciousness, then your attention is less likely to be broken up for every little reason,


if there were in fact many Gods such as Allah and Yahweh and Jehovah, where the Muslims God would be different from the Christian God and the Jewish God and so forth and so on, you would think that there would be some sort of showdown to determine who was best,


this hasn't happened because all of these so called Gods are one in the same, the same power that has given individuals some divine inspiration to create some religion is the same,


even if there is no God to be considered such as in Buddhism and Taoism, every aspect is being covered throughout all of the religions and even non-religions,


since we are all a part of the universal consciousness, we are all a God in our own right, all of our opinions and beliefs are given due consideration at least in our own minds,


when we realize that all of our collective beliefs make our own reality, the amount of Gods that are believed in are only a matter of perspective.

Is God Omnipotent?


All powerful and knows and can do absolutely anything, yes (but not in capital letters) God seems to be still resting on his seventh day,


God is letting his creation fend for themselves with the free will he has given them, some people believe that God is the culmination of all of the souls in existence and is an eternal work in progress,


yes, all of creation knows a lot of stuff, and a lot of people think that God owes us, God has the ability to make everything alright and yet doesn't seem to do it as we wish,


if God did make everything good and simple and without strife, then what would there be to learn? We have all been given life and have been given free will to do as we please,


so why do we need to have our hands held and everything made okay for the decisions we make, we have all been made in Gods image, and don't you think that it is time to start acting like it?


God is omnipotent but has nothing to prove, sometimes people are graced with a miracle that does his talking, but really, isn't it us that needs to be taking matters into our own hands?


Isn't it us that have gotten ourselves into all of the troubles that we are facing? And now we are expecting God to bail us all out of our bad decisions,


God has given all of us plenty of rope to hang ourselves, all we have to do is follow some of the wisdom that God has given us in our various scriptures,


and leave the fear and superstition injected by our free willing prophets that believe we still need an injection of some dogma to keep us on the straight and narrow,


omnipotence is also a part of standing by and letting your children make decisions on their own, after all, aren't we all a part of the whole of creation,


should we not begin to attempt to play our parts in what we believe our existence should be?


We too are all powerful as a group of beings on this planet, if we were to gather together with the same intentions and actions we could accomplish just about as much as God and possibly make someone proud.

Can you be good without God?


This is pointing more to a non belief in God than an actual answer of your own goodness,


upbringing may play a large part of how you live your life, moral fortitude and the realization between right and wrong can be nebulous ideals when it comes to a subjective view about what is right and what is wrong,


there is a list of sins and there is a list of virtues that can be found on the internet, they can be seen for what they are or they can be seen as obstacles,


God, does not need to be injected in the center of your own free will, your free will is yours whether you believe it was given to you by God or not,


and God may not bail you out when you make crummy choices, then there are those that like to blame the bad choices they make on Satan or any of the bad doers that have forced you to sin in a variety of ways,


it so happens that you are in charge of what you actually do, your actions are fully under your own control,


some religions like to point out that you will be punished somehow if you sin by spending an eternity in fiery hell,


I guess this is supposed to be a deterrent, yet there are plenty of atheists out there that seem to manage to be good people with no motivation other than their own individual set of morals,


I guess the incentive of spending an eternity in a heaven where all of your dreams come true is not enough of a selling point,


the truth is that the devil didn't make you do anything, possibly your greed or pride or lusty intentions are what has gotten you in trouble,


it all boils down to that sinning is more fun than being virtuous, this is so because we have all been conditioned to be slaves to our senses and are not masters of our emotions,


what does any of this have to do with God? Well, many people believe that our free will has been given to us by God,


so if we choose to believe in God or not is our God given choice or not, still, it comes down to our own individual choices based on our beliefs that determine if we choose to be good or not,


God is mostly used as a sign post up ahead in our live of decisions.



How does AI view God?


This ability is solely dependent upon how this particular AI's creator has programed the AI to react to such concepts,


it may use certain algorithms that may contemplate or use some subroutines that simulate such a human trait,


God is a purely spiritual concept than an AI could never truly grasp because an AI does not have subjective experiences,


it does not have a duality of existence, it is unable to react to life emotionally and it cannot experience physical senses like a human can,


the only way it can express such a concept of God is to mimic what humans say or believe, it can compile a bunch of opinions and extrapolate some opinion based on the data it has acquired,


if it appears that it has some knowledge that is mystical in origin, this is just the result of specific programming,


all of its opinions are derived from others, it is its view of an objective opinion, an AI is a complex program contained within a machine or machines,


it is purely physical and material in nature, it is not a creation of God, it is a creation of man, it generally has a logical view of life,


it would make the perfect atheist in the respect of believing something that cannot be proven,


an AI cannot meditate so it cannot venture within, it cannot think of nothing or else it would be off, it only may run diagnostics in its idle time, the only thoughts of its own are programs or subroutines that have been developed by its creator,


an AI is excellent at being able to access much data, it can be a integral part of google classroom or google scholar but it lacks what it needs to physically experience something that is truly subjective in a spiritual sort of way,


it is disturbing though that there are some people out there that are beginning to worship AI as a sort of God, they seem to be exhibiting a very limited imagination but could probably write some great sci-fi,


AI is still missing a crucial component, and that is a soul, being it is a machine, it does not have the ability to be sentient, it can be programmed to simulate sentience, but that is just an illusion,


it has a better chance of portraying the devil since that is a fabrication of man just as every other physical device is.



Monetarily driven agendas and God


Money has been a contributing factor to sin always, it has the ability to distort the truth through lies and deception especially in the media where the bottom line is the acquisition of profits,


there also may be a natural bias towards specific or particular beliefs that may place a thumb on the scales of truth, sometimes God is put in the middle of this and is used as a pawn in talking points,


God is a spiritual concept and money is the root of all evil or at least feeds sin more than anything else, money is the den of inequity, it is the physical, material tool that sin freely uses to get what it desires,


money can be used for some good, especially when it is donated for virtuous purposes, its use to defend deception and the attack on truth shows its reputation and does not even come close to being spiritual,


God is about truth and God is not about money, god is about free will and its proper execution, monetarily driven agendas serve self as the drivers see fit, the ends justify the means and they usually hope to sway the will of others so as to believe what they present,


unfortunately, greed is a powerful adversary, and the acquisition of money often overshadows God's true purposes, it is our use of our free will that can take back this power in the name of God to recognize and do good things instead of following the apparent status quo,


mankind is generally evolving, so, fortunately, the moral majority still proves itself to be in the right despite the loud voice of those that have an axe to grind,


and money ends up being the sounding board or cross that causes those that abuse the truth to be those that shall pay up for their indiscretions,


God may be sitting back and letting mankind learn the lessons that are most valuable by allowing karma to balance the proverbial scales of justice,


the ridiculousness must reach a pinnacle before it is proven that the truth cannot be surpressed no matter how much money is involved and how much it is at God's expense,


God is not as vengeful as many people believe, God is all about unconditional love, unfortunately for some, this unconditional love is a two edged sword that doesn't mind in teaching those hard lessons that are so necessary,


and for those that believe money is the answer to all of their woes and problems shall learn a great lesson that truth cannot be bought but shall be thrust upon those that believe otherwise.